Issue Briefs

Our work has revealed promising results thus far. The following issue briefs dive deeper into specific efforts to highlight the work of Bridge to Success:

Placement Re-take Policy – Click Here to Download the Full Brief

For many years, up to 93% of the approximate 1,000 SFUSD graduates who attend City College each year were placed into remedial math or English courses based on their performance on City College’s placement tests. Focus groups with students and counselors revealed that many students did not understand the importance of the placement tests and that City College’s policy of waiting three months to re-take the tests may have impeded some students’ progress at City College. The 3-month wait to re-take test delayed the opportunity for students to actually place at the level they believed themselves to be.

How We Use Data – Click Here to Download the Full Brief

Bridge to Success uses data to inform changes in policy and practice. Grounding the work in data has enabled both San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) and City College of San Francisco to implement pilot programs that have led to policy changes. By sharing data across institutions and evaluating pilot effects to alter policy and practice, Bridge to Success leaders have been able to make changes that are supported by data. This brief highlights several ways data has served as an impetus for action for Bridge to Success.

Frisco Day – Click Here to Download the Full Brief

FRISCO Day (FRIday = Successful College Opportunities) is an annual event held in April to help all San Francisco Unified School District graduating seniors’ enroll in college and learn how to be successful once in college. In 2013 more than 1,600 SFUSD seniors participated at four locations: City College of San Francisco for students who were City College bound, San Francisco State University for California State University-bound students, University of California San Francisco for UC-bound students; and a fourth site for out-of-state and private college-bound students.

City College Early RegistrationClick Here to Download the Full Brief

On average, more than 50% of new students at City College drop out after one year due in part to their frustration at the lack of basic math and English classes available to them. Under old registration policies, new students were the very last group to register for classes. In 2010, through Bridge to Success, City College debuted an early registration policy as a pilot program for SFUSD students. The pilot was extremely successful, with 98% of the 323 incoming SFUSD graduates who took advantage of early registration returning for their second semester.

Summer BridgeClick Here to Download the Full Brief

In Summer 2012, Bridge to Success partnered with Metro Academies to pilot a Summer Bridge program for graduating seniors from SFUSD who planned to enroll in City College in the Fall. Metro is a project of Community Health Works and a partnership of SF State University and City College to eliminate inequalities in health and education. Recognizing the need to better prepare students for college succses, the Summer Bridge program offered three one-day college orientations and two week-long courses to provide students with information and resources for transitioning into college. 138 students participated in the Summer Bridge program, 75 in the orientation sessions and 63 in the courses. At least 76% of participants were first generation college students.