When is FRISCO Day 2017?

May 5, 2017!!!!

What is FRISCO Day?

FRISCO Day (FRIday = Successful College Opportunities)

FRISCO Day is an annual event held in spring to help all San Francisco Unified School District graduating seniors’ enroll in college, build financial literacy, and to develop support systems and relationships with other students to help them complete the transition to college. Students have the opportunity to take place in workshops and explore the campus at City College of San Francisco. 

Since it initially began, in 2011, the event now includes PRIORITY REGISTRATION for SFUSD students – FRISCO Day is the first day that registration is open to students graduating from SFUSD. 

Where did the name come from? 

Click here for an article on the students who named FRISCO Day.

What do I need to do to get ready for FRISCO Day?

  • Apply to City College: In order to get a priority registration date & be ready to enroll on FRISCO Day, you need to complete the first 4 steps of the enrollment process at City College – Applying, Taking a Placement Test, Attending an Orientation, and seeing a CCSF counselor. Talk to your school counselor for more information about these steps. Many of the steps can be done at your school campus when a City College representative visits.
  • Submit a Field Trip Permission Slip: Transportation will be provided for students from SFUSD high schools. Please talk to your school counselor to sign up for FRISCO Day and get a permission slip.

What will I learn at FRISCO Day?

  • College knowledge: Students will learn how to “work the college system” – whether headed to CCSF for a certificate or to transfer, we will teach students to the ins and outs of how to get what they need, including how best to manage your financial aid.
  • Persistence: Students will learn how to persist in their education. Studies show that students who get a degree or certificate before the age of 26 will be self-sufficient. But sometimes life gets in the way of school and we want to teach students not to give up but to seek out resources to assist in their effort.
  • Options: Students who do not yet have a plan will learn about the programs CCSF offers. In today’s economy students need training and CCSF has more than 100 certificates to enter skilled jobs in the workforce and programs to transfer to 4 year universities.
  • Self advocacy skills: The ultimate goal is to guide students to be effective self-advocates towards their educational goals. 

FRISCO Day 2016 By the Numbers . . . 

  • 950+ Students Attended
  • 200+ Volunteers from City College, SF Unified, and community based organizations
  • 515 Students took advantage of priority registration
  • 12.11 – Average units enrolled in for Fall 2016

Interested in volunteering for FRISCO Day 2017?

If you are an adult interested in volunteering for FRISCO Day 2017, please email