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Focus Around Four Goals

By bringing leaders and educators together across institutions and disciplines, Bridge to Success looks at the greatest barriers to student achievement and, together, develops integrated solutions to overcome them.

Goal 1: Completing High School

Double the number of SFUSD under-represented students who graduate ready for college and a career
Bridge to Success partners are working to explore ways to ensure more SFUSD students graduate from high school with the academic competencies and 21st century skills they need to be successful in college and in their careers. Work in this area has included creating a data-driven system to identify incoming 9th graders who may be at risk of not graduating and linking those students with necessary support services.

Goal 2: Transitioning to Post-secondary

Increase the number of SFUSD graduates transitioning to post-secondary education
Transitions from high school to college are a time when many students fall through the cracks. Counseling and outreach staff at both City College and SFUSD have teamed up to ensure that high school students understand their post-secondary options and view City College as a viable option. To help students better understand how to prepare for success in college, Bridge to Success has launched FRISCO Day – a day when thousands of high school seniors learn from peers and administrators how to be navigate the college process through workshops and participatory events. FRISCO Day is held at City College and various other college campuses in San Francisco. In addition, a summer pilot has been developed to assist students make the successful transition into their first year of college with the awareness and skills they will need to succeed.

Goal 3: Remediation at City College

Decrease the need for entering students to take remedial classes in English and in math
For the first time, educators from local high schools and City College are in dialogue about how to prepare students for success. Staff from the school district and City College are exploring ways to align curriculum and placement testing methods to reduce the number of SFUSD students who are placed into remedial classes once enrolled at City College. Work in this area has already resulted in piloting a policy to shorten the length of time between re-taking the City College math and English placement exams.

Goal 4: Completion at City College

Increase retention and double the successful completion rate of SFUSD students at City College
Bridge to Success partners are working to create a college-aligned strategic plan for retaining students at City College until they complete their goals.